PCH Pop-Up

IMG 2070

Last night I went to the PCH Pop-Up in Malibu, a showing of art works such as those below, including a $2,800 mixed media Welcome sign and a depiction of a horrific transporter accident between a handcuffed clown and a punk rocker.

IMG 1957

IMG 1959

I spied, on a balcony ledge, a snail, a clear plastic cup of white wine, and a cigarette butt extinguished in the white wine. Sensing a serendipitous opportunity for my own entrĂ©e into the world of fine (expensive) art, I created a photograph that I call Still life with snail, wine, and cigarette butt (digital media). It is symbolic of man’s (the snail’s) lifelong struggle (that wine cup was really far from the snail—and how is he going to manage to get over that crack?) to achieve a goal (the white wine), only to find at the end that the prize was illusory, despoiled by the sordidness of real life (the cigarette butt, which, as you can see, is practically invisible from his perspective). I showed it around, and bidding began at $5,200 (US).

This is why I came home last night $11,400 dollars richer, and with a new welcome mat for my front door.