The Lost Aliens of 2001


I stumbled across a fascinating post about the aliens of 2001 (my favorite movie ever) that might have been. It’s hard to imagine that movie with the aliens physically depicted, but apparently that’s what Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke originally had in mind.

In a film like 2001, a project that started with the explicit purpose of investigating the possibility of extraterrestrial life, it comes as no surprise that Kubrick decided very soon in the production to tackle the problem of how to actually depict the extraterrestrials themselves.

Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke had met for the first time in April 1964: by the last months of that year the director had already set up a team working on hundreds of drawings about possible E.T. shapes – his wife Christiane was on board as well and worked on preparatory drawings – and in late 1965, the young and recently hired collaborator Anthony Frewin joined the team, researching on modern sculptures, paintings of German artist Max Ernst and modern art in general to try different ideas.