Gaithersburg Air Crash



Very sad to hear about a plane crashing at the airport in my hometown of Gaithersburg Maryland. The three people in the plane were killed as were three people in the house it hit—a mother and her two young children.

Incidentally, it happened while I was visiting the family back there. We used to visit Airpark (as we called it) as kids. There was a big fighter jet we would climb through. I’ve even flown out of there once when doing an article on the Civil Air Patrol for a local newspaper.The Atlantic has a good article on the background. Excerpt:

None of the subdivisions or commercial areas that now surround KGAI were there when the airport was built in the late 1950s. They have expanded as this part of the close-enough-to-be-commutable, far-enough-to-be-affordable part of the DC suburbs has grown. Technically, developers built there and purchasers bought there knowing an airport was nearby, but of course no one expects to have their home destroyed and their family killed by a plane.